Couscous w/ Ras el Hanout, Chick Peas & Toasted Almonds

Morrocan Couscous

This isn’t an authentic Moroccan dish, but uses couscous, chick peas and Ras El Hanout which is an amazing Moroccan spice blend. There are so many flavors packed into this easy little dish! The raisins give it sweetness, the feta rich saltiness, … Continue reading 

Spicy Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

red pepper hummus

We had a bottle of fire roasted red peppers in the cupboard so I decided to make roasted red pepper hummus! This recipe on Inspired Tastes looked perfect, but I didn’t  do the steps separately, just threw everything in at … Continue reading 

Homemade Hummus


Update 4/7/14: Try this great tip from Smitten Kitchen and peel the garbanzo beans! It makes the hummus sooo smooth! I’m not a huge hummus person, but my husband Tejas likes to have it around for “healthy” snacking. It is … Continue reading 

Cape Malay Yellow Rice

South African Yellow Rice

This yellow rice is a perfect accompaniment to Cape Malay vegetable curry. Most recipes I have seen online don’t include sauteed onions, but I think they are essential! The yellow comes from the use of turmeric. This will serve 8 … Continue reading 

Cape Malay Vegetable Curry

Cape Malay Curry

For our honeymoon, Tejas and I went to South Africa and the highlight of food on the trip for me was this Cape Malay curry they served at a restaurant on the Cape Town Waterfront. It was tomato based, sweet, … Continue reading 

Moroccan Roasted Vegetables w/ Cous Cous

Moroccan Roasted Vegetables with Cous Cous

A few months ago I ran across a Moroccan spice mix called rasel hanout and decided to order it based on fantastic reviews on Amazon. The spice mix apparently has over 35 ingredients! I finally opened it up to make Moroccan … Continue reading 

Fesenjan & Sabzi Polow (Persian Pomegranate Walnut Stew & Herb Rice)

Fesenjan & Sabzi Polow

A few years ago, I had this pomegranate walnut stew at a Persian restaurant and I thought WOW. Of course, the next step was to try and make it. So I fussed around online and put together a recipe a … Continue reading