Awesome Susan Feniger’s Street

My husband and I have just a handful or so favorite restaurants in LA and I finally managed to remember to take pictures at one of the, Susan Feniger’s Street! This place just rocks. Fancy street food from all over the place.

The menu has changed somewhat since we first went years ago, but one thing hasn’t, the Kaya Toast. Thank goodness! The first time we had it, I was not expecting its amazingness. Toast spread with coconut custard, an egg with a bright yellow runny yolk, dark delicous thick soy sauce…I think there is butter in there somewhere too. Based on having kaya toast at Street, we also ended up finding it in Hong Kong last fall. It is also something I have just got to try and make sometime.

Street 2

Our next favorite dish, or maybe our first favorite considering it was new to us, was the BBQ Jackfruit Bao. YUM! Jackfruit shreds and chews kind of like meat making it a perfect and healthy substitute. The hoisin peanut sauce was amazing too and the bao chewy yet tender. Have a bite with a little bite of the tangerine, heaven!

Street 1

Then we had these really yummy toasts with goat cheese, grapes and slivered almonds…

Street 3

And some scrumptious curried yuca fries, with an incredible curry sauce. I loved the onions in the curry, and the pickled tomatoes on top!

Street 4

The only thing missing here is the little donuts in sour cream and lemon curd. To die for and I forgot to take a pic!

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