Delicious Thin Whole Wheat Pancakes

Thin Whole Wheat Pancakes Plated

I broke a plate today. The first plate to break since we got them after our wedding! Out of 16 wine glasses, we only have 5 left. But somehow, up until this morning, we still had 16 plates! I suppose … Continue reading 

Quick Sambar


Updated 3/30/14: I’ve updated this recipe a few times, adding more sambar powder, cumin seeds and coconut. Also canned crushed tomatoes are especially good in this! The only thing is that this recipe is not quite so quick as it … Continue reading 

Poached Eggs w/ Mushrooms, Zucchini & Kecap Manis

Poached Eggs & Mushrooms, Zuchini & Kecap Manis

So I got the idea for eggs with kecap manis from a friend of mine who is Indonesian. Kecap manis is this Indonesian sweet thick soy sauce which is soooo good! When she said she would have it with fried … Continue reading