Coffee & Milk

One of my favorite things ever is a latte in the morning, at home. It used to be that I loved going out for a latte or for breakfast, and I used to go to Starbucks most mornings on the way to work, but then we got the keurig machine for our wedding and an apartment that feels so nice in the morning, and everything changed!

I am very lazy to make coffee in the morning. Which is kinda weird because I can spend hours in the kitchen cooking. Maybe because cooking is always new and trying things, whereas making coffee is the same thing everyday. So I needed a simple way to have a good latte in the morning to prevent me from my Starbucks run. The Keurig and milk foamer was the perfect answer. The Keurig we have will do a 3.5 ounce glass, so while not quite as small as an espresso shot, it works for me. I get the extra bold k-cups so that they are pretty strong and hold up the milk. I am not a big caffeine person, generally having one regular and one decaf a day, but I definitely am addicted! I tried to go down to one half cafe k-cup and one decaf and it was such a disappointing day.

So this is how it works. I put one cup of whole milk in the the milk foamer. We have a Capresso Froth Pro which is the best invention ever! No need to sit there and foam with a stick. Add the milk and go. It does take a while, but that’s okay because you don’t need to sit there and watch it. It’s like one of those electric kettles (those are great too by the way, we have a Bodum Bistro Kettle; it turns off when it’s done. I go shower or do stuff and come back to a perfectly frothy cup of milk. Then I put one k-cup in the keurig, choose the smallest cup, add half the milk/foam and hang out with my cup of joe. Once that one is done, I do it all again, but this time the milk takes no time at all to froth up again.
Now there are times when I need to make my joe and go, like before work if I don’t have any time to lounge. That brings us to the second best invention ever, the Hot Jo mug. It will fit 2 3.5 ouce k-cups and all the milk and I don’t feel like I’m drinking metal or plastic. It has this rubber ring for a base that is fantastic for keeping it steady on the middle thing in my car. It isn’t a mug that will keep your coffee super hot since it isn’t double walled, but I think adding a another wall would  make the cup too small, or two big for a too go cup. I drink it by the time I get to work 20-25 minutes later, so it is good for me.

Maybe you can tell. I love gadgets.

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