Tejas’s Paneer Tikka

This recipe is for my husband Tejas’s famous paneer tikka! He made it for a get together and it was a hit, as always. We don’t have a BBQ, so we used our big toaster oven¬†and it worked nicely, but of course grilling would be better. You could do a little bigger pieces for the grill too so it wouldn’t fall through. Tejas is not big on measuring ingredients (I try to for the sake of posting recipes, but if I wasn’t posting, I wouldn’t be measuring so much either) so I just listed the ingredients. The picture will give you an idea of what it should look like.

Store bought paneer cut into cubes
Ginger paste
Trader Joe’s frozen garlic cubes melted (or garlic paste)
Chicken Tikka masala (powder)
Salt (you need more than you think)
Chat masala

  1. Mix the paneer with a little oil, yogurt, ginger, garlic, Chicken tikka masala powder, salt and chat masala.
  2. Marinade for a 4-5 hours.
  3. Oil a cookie sheet and add cubes.
  4. Broil for about 10 minutes until the paneer is soft on the inside and a little browned on the outside.
  5. Squeeze with lime and sprinkle with chat masala.

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