Easy Mango Lassi

Easy Mango Lassi

When I first started blogging I used a variety of different yogurts, but these days I have found my one and only favorite by far. Trader Joe’s European Style Organic Plain Whole Milk Yogurt which is actually from the Straus Family Creamery. The same yogurt can be found at Whole Foods under the Straus label, but it is more expensive.

You can tell its from Straus by looking up the plant number on whereismymilkfrom.com. The taste of this yogurt is superb! Creamy, tangy, smooth and from a great dairy, Straus, one that I feel good about getting our dairy from. Also there is a lot of evidence to suggest that full fat dairy is better for our health than non-fat and low-fat due to the way it is processed. Bring on the real food!

This yogurt is especially good for making mango lassi. It is also so easy to make mango lassi with mango pulp. We get the Kesar Mango pulp that comes in a big can from the Indian market.

1 cup whole milk yogurt (Trader Joe’s European Style Organic Plain Whole Milk Yogurt or Straus preferred)
3/4 cup mango pulp
5 ice cubes

  • Blend the yogurt, mango pulp and ice cubes in a blender until smooth. Top with a sprig of mint if you have it. Enjoy!

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