My First Little Tomato!

Isn’t it cute!? I was actually starting to think it would never happen. We were never going to have a home grown tomato! Back at the beginning of March I planted this beauty of a tomato plant. I have been fighting to get this guy into the sun a lot; the gardener of our building (or someone else) always moves it. The only way to ensure it is getting the sun it needs is by being in the grass which makes the grass die underneath, but really…if the plant is always on the grass, you can’t see the brown grass underneath :-). Anyhow, right now it is on this drainage grate that I think might be getting enough sun, but I’m really not sure. I’ll have to check on Friday. For all I’ve heard about how tomatoes just go nuts, this plant hasn’t grown all that much. I was excited a couple of weeks ago when I first saw a couple of yellow buds and about 3 more inches of plant. See below. And now we have an itty bitty tomato!

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