Oh my gosh it is 11am! Okay I think I am alone in this but daylight savings happens WAY too early for me these days. I got up at 8am after laying there for an hour trying to go back to sleep, finally got up, went for a run, started my milk foamer, put the pineapple right where I would hopefully be forced to finally cut it, showered and sat on the couch. I looked at the time and thought how weird that it took me 2 hours to do all that. I mean I don’t run for THAT long. 25-30 minutes tops and I didn’t even get around to cutting that pineapple yet. Then time passed for a while longer and I got up for my 2nd cup of joe (decaf this time) and saw the time on the Keurig: 10am. We lost an hour. Poof, gone. I hate daylight savings time.

The good thing is that the little boards I got on my Home Depot run worked! Our room is so dark now! They look nice too, or actually more like they aren’t noticeable. I picked up white molding strips and we nailed them upside down horizontal to the window frame which now blocks most of the light that would hit the white wall above pouring terrible morning sunshine into the room. Don’t get me wrong, I love sunshine, just not at 6:30am. And actually I’m not ready for sunshine at 7pm yet either. I love dark winters and bright summers, equally. Now daylight savings is for 8 months a year.

Okay enough about sun, let’s talk about fruit! Or “fruits” as Tejas would say, let’s have some “fruits”. Up until I met Tejas, fruit was fruit, no matter if it was one type or 14. Now I am a convert to having “fruits”. This morning it was all about that pineapple, some delicious strawberries, and an apple. Here is one thing I don’t get about Tejas; his love for what I consider the boring fruits: apples and oranges. We have fresh pineapple and strawberries, he wants an apple. Give him a bowl of blueberries and he’ll maybe get through all of 10. It is just so funny to me. Not that I don’t like apples and oranges, but for me, they are just the ho hum fruits. I eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away.

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