Tamarind Eggplant w/ Crispy Onions

Tamarind Eggplant 2

Lukshon is our new favorite restaurant. Southeast Asian tapas, complimentary AMAZING desserts, open pretty late, what more can you ask for after going out for a drink on a friday or saturday night? Of course I forgot to take pictures … Continue reading 

Cauliflower & Capsicum in Yogurt Gravy

Cauliflower & Capsicum in Yogurt Gravy

Often when my husband, Tejas, cooks, he makes Indian style vegetables with bell peppers and yogurt and it is so yummy. Tonight I was cooking and craving that bell peppery yogurty taste. If I asked Tejas the recipe, he probably … Continue reading 

Ulli Theeyal (Pearl Onions in a Tangy Coconut Gravy)

Ulli Theeyal

Mmmm, ulli theeyal, a savory dish of pearl onions in roasted coconut sauce is one of my favorites! The first time I had ulli theeyal was at a Kerala restaurant in Bangalore called Karavali, but I didn’t know what the … Continue reading 

Tondli w/ Goda Masala (Marathi Style Tindora)

Tondli Goda Masala

I just love tindora and it makes no sense why it isn’t common in the U.S. Called Ivy Gourd, tindora, tondli, tendli depending on where you’re at, these little squashes are about the size of you thumb and very tasty. … Continue reading