On Pisco Sours & Champinon Saltado

Update 1/7/15: I made champinon saltado (Peruvian mushroom stirfry) again and decided it needed it’s own post. Go here for the recipe!

Oh my I love Pisco Sours. I am generally more of a beer and wine girl, but on a trip to Peru with my husband and sister in law, I saw the light. Pisco is a grape brandy and when mixed with the right ingredients becomes fantastic! Unfortunately, I’m not having much luck buying Pisco in the US. From what I can find, you have to order it online, but then one order site said they weren’t shipping Pisco at this time, and another one gets held up when you try to add it the cart. Maybe I’ll try again some other time. Anyways, we did bring a bottle home, but it is all gone now :-(. The picture is one we took on our trip.

There are many recipes out there for the perfect Pisco Sour and this post includes a lot of fun information. I haven’t had enough of them (yet) to be really fussy about how they are made, but apparently making the perfect Pisco Sour is quite an art!

3 parts Pisco
1 part sugar syrup
1 part lemon juice (fresh squeezed!)
1 egg whites
Angostura Bitters or cinnamon

  1. Mix all of the ingredients in a shaker or blender until it gets really cold and pour into little glasses.
  2. Top with a couple of drops of Angostura Bitters or dust with cinnamon.

A couple of notes about this recipe:

  •  You can make simple syrup by melting 1 cup of sugar in 1 cup of water, either on the stove or in the microwave. Make sure to let it cool before using!
  • I love cinnamon on a Pisco Sour! I could have sworn the first one I tried was made in this way, but I don’t see it on any recipes. Maybe I am just delusional, but I really like it.

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