Korean Spicy Cold Noodles (Bibim Guksu)

Korean Spicy Noodles

I’m kinda getting into these cold noodles dishes for when it is hot! Like, kimchi bibimguksu, these Korean noodles are flavorful, cool, refreshing and not too heavy. There are two names I came across for these noodles: bibim guksu and bibim naengmyeon … Continue reading 

Kimchi Bibimguksu (Korean Cold Spicy Noodles w/ Kimchi)

Kimchi Cold Noodles

Kimchi bibimguksu are thin cold wheat noodles with a yummy kimchi sauce topped with cucumber and boiled egg. So good! We had these kimchi noodles with some dumplings from Trader Joe’s for an easy dinner (they have a new mochi mushroom … Continue reading 

Vegetarian Korean Black Bean Noodles (Jjajangmyun)

Korean Black Bean Noodles 1

I like this recipe for Korean Black Bean Noodles especially because I read on Beyond Kimchee that is a big kid food in Korea. Doesn’t that just seem like so much more a fun than the kid friendly American mac & … Continue reading