Asian Ramen Salad


Asian ramen salad is actually a total American potluck classic. The salad is a mixture of coleslaw (cabbage and carrots basically), almonds, and dried ramen noodles tossed in a sweet and lightly tangy dressing. I love the crunch of the … Continue reading 

Coconuty Greens w/ Linguine

Green Coconut Noodles 2

This recipe for creamy coconuty greens with linguine is delicious! I had been eyeing this recipe for creamy greens & coconut linguine on foodness for a while now and I’m so glad that I finally tried it! Okay my recipe isn’t exactly the same … Continue reading 

Oh My! Chinese 5 Spice BBQ Seitan Sandwiches


Oh My. This (Chinese 5 spice BBQ seitan sandwich was just too good! I used this awesome homemade seitan and the BBQ sauce was so yummy, sweet, sticky and five spicy! I adapted the bbq sauce from this recipe on … Continue reading 

Kimchi Quesadillas w/ Warm Ginger Sauce & Cool Srirachi Sour Cream

Kimchi Quesadilla Warm Ginger Sauce Cool Srirachi Sour Cream

One of our favorite places to eat in Los Angeles is the Korean taco truck, Kogi.  The kimchi quesadillas are amazing, as are the tofu tacos and sliders. Tonight I tried making kimchi quesadillas and yum! See my version of … Continue reading 

Thai Inspired Vegetable Coconut Soup w/ Crispy Onions

Thai Inspired Vegetable Coconut Soup 2

Last night while figuring out what kind of soup to make (we felt like soup!), I saw the little bottle of World Foods Red Curry Paste in the cupboard and thought I’d make some kind of Thai inspired soup with … Continue reading 

Vermicelli w/ Charred Vegetables and Tamarind Sauce

vermicelli with charred vegetables and tamarind sauce 7

This Asian fusion dish was inspired by a Vietnamese dish called bun chay. Rice vermicelli served over chopped lettuce, topped with tofu and vegetables, peanuts and a dipping sauce. Instead of using a traditional Vietnamese dipping sauce, I opted for a more … Continue reading