Vegetarian Ramen at Ikemen in Hollywood

Wow! So this is the first time I am posting something other than a recipe. I don’t want to start reviewing restaurants or anything. I don’t want to tell where not to go. But if I taste something amazing, I want to share it. At least this time I do 🙂

Good vegetarian ramen is not easy to come by. If you can get it, it is just ho-hum. The vegetarian ramen at Ikemen in Hollywood, however, is rich, flavorful and oh so satisfying.

You can get thin or thick noodles. We had thin this time and they were al dente and amazing. We topped the dish with zebra garlic seasoning and mushrooms which I definitely recommend.

Even better is that Ikemen is open until 2am Friday and Saturday. I think they are closing for a few weeks in June/July, but we’ll be back when they re-open!

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